The objectives of the research group SosteniPrA (Sustainability and Environmental Protection) are to develop and apply tools for the sustainability and environmental protection. These tools within the Industrial Ecology framework are Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), ecodesign, ecoefficiency, material and energy flow analysis applied to different scales such as a process or a product, regional, national or global. These tools are applied to prioritized sectors, such as services, biomass and agriculture, the chemical industry, waste management, urban systems, forest and natural landscape.

SostniPrA is made up of researchers and professors from (ICTA) Institut de Ciència i Tecnologia Ambientals the department of Chemical Engineering of the UAB, IRTA Cabrils (Institut de Recerca en Tecnologia Agroalimentària) , and the spin-off company Inedit Innovació The group also teaches in the masters program of Environmental Studies of the UAB , and the JEMES and the JEMES program, supervising both masters and doctoral thesis.
The group leads research and demonstration projects for the implementation of the ecodesign in Spain.  Examples are sectoral guidelines to ecodesign, databases, green procurement or projects in the sectors urban furniture, packaging, and wood and furniture.  LCA research projects have focused on the improvement of life cycle of waste, recovery energy of biomass, the use of rain water, renewable energy, electric mobility, vertical urban farming aimed at the sustainable development of cities and rural environments. 
Coordinator: Dr. Joan Rieradevall
SosteniPra uses Life Cycle Assessment for the improvement of environmental aspects in the agricultural sector. We have conducted different case studies mainly in the areas of horticulture and bioenergy crops. Particularly, the research team is involved in the development of the LCA Methodology to adapt it to those specifics indicators for Agricultural sector (land use, erosion, pesticides toxicity and water use).
The research is based on industrial ecology tools and methodologies such as material and energy flow analysis, including exergy analysis and life cycle analysis to evaluate systems at different scales, for example: carbon capture technologies to evaluate its efficiency; the construction sector in order to quantify the reuse and recyclability of materials; urban systems to evaluate waste management and quantify GHG emissions; and product scale such as life cycle analysis of a multifunctional mobile device.
Coordinator: Dra. Gara Villalba
4. Knowledge transfer between universities and business
Since 2009, the research group counts with inèdit, a spin-off company dedicated to facilitating the use, application and exploitation of knowledge and capabilities in R&D outside the university, either with other R&D institutions, the productive sector and the society in general. Its main areas of work are eco-design of products and services, strategic support to companies in the process of eco-innovation and the generation of environmental metrics for decision making.
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