URBAG. Integrated System Analysis of Urban Vegetation and Agriculture
Entitat financiadora URBAG.ERC Consolidator. H2020. UE.
Durada 2019-2024
Investigadors responsables Dra Gara Villalba
Resum The research question this project aims to answer is: To what extent green infrastructures in urban regions can be a source of sustainable food, reduce environmental impacts, and foster a more efficient use of natural resources? Integrate life cycle modeling with atmospheric modeling. Develop a spatially-temporally resolved framework for quantitative analysis and simulation of green infrastructures. Addresses critical policy and planning needs to provide an integrated systemic approach combining metabolic and atmospheric aspects of green infrastructures in urban regions. Provides the tools to fulfill EU policy targets such as the EU Green Infrastructure Strategy, EU Circular Economy Action Plan. Generates groundbreaking knowledge of types, combinations and locations of green infrastructures to help cities meet their sustainability agendas. Opens up new horizons for research such as better integration of human health needs into land use planning.

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