Development of urban solar infrastructure to support low-carbon mobility
2015 / Joan-Manuel F.Mendoza, EstherSanyé-Mengual, SaraAngrill, RaúlGarcía-Lozano, Gumersindo Feijoo, AlejandroJosa, XavierGabarrell, JoanRieradevall
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Life Cycle Assessment of multiyear peach production
2015 / Elisabet Vinyes, Carles M. Gasol, Luis Asin, Simo Alegre, Pere Muñoz
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Assessing the Energetic and Environmental Impacts of the Operation and Maintenance of Spanish Sewer Networks from a Life-Cycle Perspective
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An ecosystemic approach for assessing the urban water self-sufficiency potential: lessons from the Mediterranean
2015 / Maria Christina Fragkou*, a, Teresa Vicent b, Xavier Gabarrell
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Production and trade analysis in the Iberian cork sector: Economiccharacterization of a forest industry
2015 / Jorge Sierra-Péreza, Jesús Boschmonart-Rives, Xavier Gabarrell
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Upgraded biogas from municipal solid waste for natural gas substitution and CO2 reduction – A case study of Austria, Italy, and Spain
2015 / Katherine Starr, Gara Villalba, Xavier Gabarrell
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Resolving differing stakeholder perceptions of urban rooftop farming in Mediterranean cities: promoting food production as a driver for innovative forms of urban agriculture
2015 / Sanyé-Mengual E, Anguelovski I, Oliver-Solà J, Montero JI, Rieradevall
Agriculture and Human values .
An environmental and economic life cycle assessment of rooftop greenhouse (RTG) implementation in Barcelona, Spain. Assessing new forms of urban agriculture from the greenhouse structure to the final
2015 / Esther Sanyé-Mengual,Jordi Oliver-Solà, Juan Ignacio Montero & Joan Rieradevall
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