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Environmental management of granite slab production from an industrial ecology standpoint
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Cost-effective rainwater harvesting system in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona
2014 / M. Violeta Vargas-Parra, María Rosa Rovira, Xavier Gabarrell and Gara Villalba
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Environmentally extended input-output analysis on a city scale - application to Aveiro (Portugal)
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Home composting versus industrial composting: Influence of composting system on compost quality with focus on compost stability
2014 /  Raquel Barrena, Xavier Font, Xavier Gabarrell, Antoni Sánchez
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Potential CO2 savings through biomethane generation from municipal waste biogas
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Application challenges for the social LCA of fertilizers within life cycle sustainability assessment
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Journal of Cleaner Production
Environmental Assessment of Sewer Construction in Small to Medium Sized Cities Using Life Cycle Assessment
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