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Repair of electr(on)ic products: current practices in Barcelona

Aymerich Matarin, Anna; Gasol, Carles M; Talens Peiró, Laura

OPEN ACCESS at Procedia CIRP (2022) Volume 105, Pages 104-109 In the past years, the need for more durable and repairable products has progressively increased. […]

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Mapping direct N2O emissions from peri-urban agriculture: The case of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona

Mendoza Beltran, Angelica; Jepsen, Kelzy; Rufí-Salís, Martí; Ventura, Sergi; Madrid Lopez, Cristina; Villalba, Gara

OPEN ACCESS at Science of the Total Environment, 2022, Vol.822, p.153514 Geographically explicit datasets reflecting local management of crops are needed to help improve direct nitrous […]

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Integration of raw materials indicators of energy technologies into energy system models

Talens Peiró, Laura; Martin, Nick; Villalba Méndez, Gara; Madrid-López, Cristina

OPEN ACCESS at Applied Energy, 2022, Vol.307, p. 118150 Raw materials and their related environmental impacts will play a key role in the implementation of […]

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Building-integrated greenhouses raise energy co-benefits through active ventilation systems

Muñoz-Liesa, Joan; Royapoor, Mohammad; Cuerva, Eva; Gassó-Domingo, Santiago; Gabarrell, Xavier; Josa, Alejandro

OPEN ACCESS at Building and Environment, Volume 208, 15 January 2022, 108585 Buildings and greenhouses consume vast amounts of energy and natural resources for heating and […]

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Prospects on end of life electric vehicle batteries through 2050 in Catalonia

Sanclemente Crespo, Mateo; Van Ginkel González, Marta; Talens Peiró, Laura

OPEN ACCESS at Resources, Conservation, and Recycling , 2022, Vol.180, p.106133 As electric mobility gains prominence, the demand for electric vehicle batteries is rapidly rising. Although the amount […]

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Investigating a repair workshop: The reuse of washing machines in Barcelona

Talens Peiró, Laura; García Fernández, Beatriz; Gabarrell i Durany, Xavier

OPEN ACCESS at Sustainable Production and Consumption, Volume 29, January 2022, Pages 171-179 The reuse and repair of products are often good strategies from a holistic […]

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Modelling climate neutrality for the European Green Deal

Auer, Hans; Patt, Anthony; del Granado, Pedro Crespo; Peiró, Laura Talens; Fambri, Gabriele

REVIEW this Special Issue Editorial at Energy, Part D, 2022, Vol.239, p.122249    

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Quantitative Storytelling: Science, Narratives, and Uncertainty in Nexus Innovations

Di Felice, Louisa Jane; Cabello, Violeta; Ripa, Maddalena; Madrid-Lopez, Cristina

ACCESS at Science, Technology & Human Values, November 2021 Innovations are central instruments of sustainability policies. They project future visions onto technological solutions and enable […]

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Environmental and social life cycle assessment of growing media for urban rooftop farming

Toboso-Chavero, Susana; Madrid-López, Cristina; Villalba, Gara; Gabarrell Durany, Xavier; Hückstädt, Arne B; Finkbeiner, Matthias; Lehmann, Annekatrin

OPEN ACCESS at The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, Volume 26, 2085–2102 (2021) Purpose New environmental strategies are emerging for cities to become more self-sufficient, […]

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Comparison of organic substrates in urban rooftop agriculture, towards improving crop production resilience to temporary drought in Mediterranean cities

Parada, Felipe; Ercilla‐Montserrat, Mireia; Arcas‐Pilz, Verónica; Lopez‐Capel, Elisa; Carazo, Núria; Montero, Juan I; Gabarrell, Xavier; Villalba, Gara; Rieradevall, Joan; Muñoz, Pere

Access at the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, Volume 101, Issue 14, November 2021, Pages 5888-5897 BACKGROUND Urban agriculture contributes to meeting the growing food production demand […]

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Tecnologia i economia circular: tendències cap a nous models de negoci i patrons de consum

Talens Peiró, Laura; Verdú Tirado, Jordi

OPEN ACCESS a Anuari en emprendoria, economía i innovació social. Num 49, p86-103. Octubre 2021 Document en català  

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Incorporating user preferences in rooftop food-energy-water production through integrated sustainability assessment

Toboso-Chaver, Susana; Madrid-López, Cristina; Gabarrell Durany, Xavier; Villalba, Gara

https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/2515-7620/abffa5/meta https://ddd.uab.cat/record/247677 With the overall aim to design successful implementation strategies of food-energy-water production systems on urban roofs, we propose an integrated process that includes […]

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