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Highly resolved WRF-BEP/BEM simulations over Barcelona urban area with LCZ

Ribeiro, Isabel; Martilli, Alberto; Falls, Marcus; Zonato, Andrea; Villalba, Gara

Atmospheric Research. Volume 248. 15 January 2021. 105220

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Assessing the environmental behavior of alternative fertigation methods in soilless systems: The case of Phaseolus vulgaris with struvite and rhizobia inoculation

Arcas-Pilz, Verónica; Rufí-Salís, Martí; Parada, Felipe; Gabarrell, Xavier; Villalba, Gara

Science of The Total Environment. Volume 770. 20 May 2021. 144744

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Quantifying energy symbiosis of building-integrated agriculture in a mediterranean rooftop greenhouse

Muñoz-Liesa, Joan; Royapoor, Mohammad; López-Capel, Elisa; Cuerva, Eva; Rufí-Salís, Martí; Gassó-Domingo, Santiago; Josa, Alejandro

Renewable Energy. Volume 156. August 2020. 696-709

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Can wastewater feed cities? Determining the feasibility and environmental burdens of struvite recovery and reuse for urban regions

Rufí-Salís, Martí; Brunnhofer, Nadin; Petit-Boix, Anna; Gabarrell, Xavier; Guisasola, Albert; Villalba, Gara

Science of The Total Environment. Volume 737. 1 October 2020. 139783

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Closed-Loop Crop Cascade to Optimize Nutrient Flows and Grow Low-Impact Vegetables in Cities

Rufí-Salís, Martí; Parada, Felipe; Arcas-Pilz, Verónica; Petit-Boix, Anna; Villalba, Gara; Gabarrell, Xavier

Frontiers in Plant Science. Crop and Product Physiology. Nutrients Recycling in Hydroponics: Opportunities and Challenges toward Sustainable Crop Production under Controlled Environment Agriculture. 12 November 2020

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Identifying eco-efficient year-round crop combinations for rooftop greenhouse agriculture

Rufí-Salís, Martí; Petit-Boix, Anna; Villalba, Gara; Ercilla-Montserrat, Mireia; Sanjuan-Delmás, David; Parada, Felipe; Arcas-Pilz, Verónica; Muñoz-Liesa, Joan; Gabarrell, Xavier

International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment. LCA for Agriculture. 2 January 2020. Volume 25. 564-576

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Recirculating water and nutrients in urban agriculture: An opportunity towards environmental sustainability and water use efficiency?

Rufí-Salís, Martí; Petit-Boix, Anna; Villalba, Gara; Sanjuan-Delmás, David; Parada, Felipe; Ercilla-Montserrat, Mireia; Arcas-Pilz, Verónica; Muñoz-Liesa, Joan; Rieradevall, Joan; Gabarrell, Xavier

Journal of Cleaner Production. Volume 261. 10 July 2020, 121213

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Exploring nutrient recovery from hydroponics in urban agriculture: An environmental assessment

Rufí-Salís Martí, J. Calvo, Milena; Petit-Boix Anna, Villalba Gara, Gabarrell Xavier

Resources, Conservation and Recycling. Volume 155. April 2020. 104683

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Influence of land use changes on submarine groundwater discharge

Rufí-Salís, Martí; Garcia-Orellana, Jordi; Cantero, Gerard; Castillo, Jordi; Hierro, Almudena; Rieradevall, Joan; Bach, Joan

Environmental Research Communications. 30 April 2019. Volume 1. 031005

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Agronomic and Environmental Assessment of a Polyculture Rooftop Soilless Urban Home Garden in a Mediterranean City

Boneta, Anna; Rufí-Salís, Martí; Ercilla-Montserrat, Mireia; Gabarrell, Xavier; Rieradevall, Joan

Frontiers in Plant Science; Crop and Product Physiology; Innovative Growing Solutions for Plant Cultivation in the Urban Environment. 22 March 2019

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Combining LCA and circularity assessments in complex production systems: the case of urban agriculture

Rufí-Salís, Martí; Petit-Boix, Anna; Villalba, Gara; Gabarrell, Xavier; Leipold Sina

Resources, Conservation and Recyling. Volume 166, March 2021, 105359

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Addressing the Life Cycle of Sewers in Contrasting Cities through an Eco-Efficiency Approach (2018)

Petit-Boix, Anna; Arnal, Carla; Marin, Desiree; Josa, Alejandro; Gabarrell, Xavier; Rieradevall, Joan

Journal of Industrial Ecology, 22-5, pp. 1092 – 1104.

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