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Exploring methods for developing local climate zones to support climate research

Siegler, Laurence; Gilabert, Joan; Villalba, Gara

OPEN ACCESS at Climate (2022), 10(7), 109 Meteorological and climate prediction models at the urban scale increasingly require more accurate and high-resolution data. The Local […]

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Decarbonizing the academic sector: Lessons from an international research project

Reyes-García, Victoria; Graf, Lorena; Junqueira, André B; Madrid, Cristina

OPEN ACCESS at Journal of Cleaner Production (2022), 368, 133174 Research activities generate considerable carbon emissions. Some universities and research centers have implemented voluntary measures to […]

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Urban greenhouse covering materials: Assessing environmental impacts and crop yields effects

Muñoz-Liesa, Joan; Cuerva, Eva; Parada, Felipe; Volk, David; Gassó-Domingo, Santiago; Josa, Alejandro; Nemecek, Thomas

OPEN ACCESS at Resources, Conservation and Recycling (2022), 186, 106527 Solar radiation transmissivity in greenhouses is a key property largely determined by covering materials. This study compared […]

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Life cycle cost analysis of tomato production in innovative urban agriculture systems

Peña, Alexandra; Rovira-Val, Maria Rosa; Mendoza, Joan Manuel F

OPEN ACCESS at Journal of Cleaner Production (2022), 367, 133037 The construction of innovative urban agriculture systems in cities has increased due to food and […]

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Lifecycle carbon footprint: The case study of the electricity use in Puebla, Mexico

Vázquez, Irais; Madrid, Cristina; Chávez, Abel; Villalba, Gara

OPEN ACCESS at Revista Internacional De Contaminación Ambiental (2022), 38, 199–217 Greenhouse gas emissions inventories and carbon footprints assessed at the local level are critical for […]

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Overlooked factors in predicting the transition to clean electricity

Martin, Nick; Madrid-López, Cristina; Villalba-Méndez, Gara; Talens-Peiró, Laura

OPEN ACCESS at Environmental Research: Research and Sustainability (2022), 2 (2), 021005 The transition to clean energy will require significant increases in electricity sourced from […]

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Increasing resource circularity in wastewater treatment: Environmental implications of technological upgrades

Rufí-Salís, Martí; Petit-Boix, Anna; Leipold, Sina; Villalba, Gara; Rieradevall, Joan; Moliné, Eduard; Gabarrell, Xavier; Carrera, Julián; Suárez-Ojeda, María Eugenia

OPEN ACCESS at Science of the Total Environment, 156422 A paradigm shift is needed in wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) to progress from traditional pollutant removal to […]

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Advancing in the digitalization of data for a better analysis of electrical and electronic equipment

Talens Peiró, Laura; Gabarrell, Xavier

OPEN ACCESS at E3S Web of Conferences (2022), Volume 349, 10th International Conference on Life Cycle Management (LCM 2021) The availability of digital tools is key […]

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Extended use and optimization of struvite in hydroponic cultivation systems

Arcas-Pilz, Verónica; Parada, Felipe; Rufí-Salis, Martí; Stringari, Gaia; González, Ramiro; Villalba, Gara; Gabarrell, Xavier

OPEN ACCESS at Resources, Conservation and Recycling, Volume 179, April 2022, 106130 Hydroponic systems are an attractive form of urban agriculture due to their low weight load, […]

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Assessing Environmental Performance of Micromobility Using LCA and Self-Reported Modal Change: The Case of Shared E-Bikes, E-Scooters, and E-Mopeds in Barcelona

Felipe-Falgas, Pol; Madrid-Lopez, Cristina; Marquet, Oriol

OPEN ACCESS at Sustainability, 2022, Vol.14(7), p.4139 Micromobility is often thought of as a sustainable solution to many urban mobility challenges. The literature to date, […]

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Advancing in the analysis of materials in electr(on)ic equipment

Talens Peiró, Laura; Baiguera, Francesco; Sanclemente Crespo, Mateo; Colledani, Marcello; Gabarrell, Xavier

OPEN ACCESS at Procedia CIRP (2022), Volume 105, Pages 261-266 Despite there is a great effort to support strategies for a circular economy of electr(on)ics […]

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Repair of electr(on)ic products: current practices in Barcelona

Aymerich Matarin, Anna; Gasol, Carles M; Talens Peiró, Laura

OPEN ACCESS at Procedia CIRP (2022) Volume 105, Pages 104-109 In the past years, the need for more durable and repairable products has progressively increased. […]

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