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Integrated rooftop greenhouses: symbiosis of energy, water and CO2 emissions with the building – Towards urban food security in a circular economy. FertileCity

REFERENCE: CTM2016-75772-C3-1-R, AI/UE-Feder
FUNDING SCHEME: Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities (Plan Nacional
PARTNERS: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)
WEBSITE: http://fertilecity.com
DURATION: December 2016-December 2019
Budget UAB:

Fertilecity II is deepening on research of urban agriculture in RTGs integrated with the building, providing information and tools that make integrated RTGs possible. It will focus on establishing a two-way greenhouse-building connection. The aim is to respond to the challenge of food safety and quality in cities through the production of sustainable food (reduction of products coming from far away, less environmental impact), quality (complete plant maturation) and contribution to the “Safe energy” and “Climate change” challenges by increasing the energy efficiency of buildings and CO2 capture and storage. The project will address subjects such as the recirculation of water for agricultural production; the use of generated agricultural residues; the analysis of the system sustainability (environmental, economic and social viewpoints); the identification of business models; and the dissemination and transfer its results.