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Transforming rooftops into productive urban spaces in the Mediterranean. An LCA comparison of agri-urban production and photovoltaic energy generation

Corcelli, Fabiana; Fiorentino, Gabriella; Petit-Boix, Anna; Rieradevall, Joan; Gabarrell, Xavier

Resources, Conservation and Recycling. Volume 144. May 2019. 321-336

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Analysis of the consumer’s perception of urban food products from a soilless system in rooftop greenhouses: a case study from the Mediterranean area of Barcelona (Spain)

Ercilla-Montserrat, Mireia; Sanjuan-Delmás, David; Sanyé-Mengual, Esther; Calver-Mir, Laura; Bandera, Karla; Rieradevall, Joan; Gabarrell, Xavier

Agriculture and Human Values. 38. 4 February 2019. 275-393

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Intelligent urban irrigation systems: Saving water and maintaining crop yields

Mason, Brooke; Rufí-Salís, Martí; Parada, Felipe; Gabarrell, Xavier; Gruden, Cyndee

Agricultural Water Management. Volume 226. 20 December 2019. 105812

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Applying nutrient dynamics to adjust the nutrient-water balance in hydroponic crops. A case study with open hydroponic tomato crops from Barcelona

Sanjuan-Delmás, David; Josa, Alejandro; Muñoz, Pere; Gassó, Santiago; Rieradevall, Joan; Gabarrel, Xavier.

Scientia Horticulturae. Volume 261. 5 February 2020. 108908

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A snapshot of solid waste generation in the hospitality industry. The case of a five-star hotel on the island of Malta

Camillieri-Fenech, Margaret; Oliver i Sola, Jordi; Farreny, Ramon; Gabarrell, Xavier

Sustainable Production and Consumption. Volume 21. January 2020. 104.119

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Potential of technology parks to implement Roof Mosaic in Brazil

S. Salvador, Douglas; Toboso-Chavero, Susana; Nadal, Ana; Gabarrell, Xavier; Rieradevall, Joan; S. da Silva, Ricardo

Journal of Cleaner Production. Volume 235. 20 October 2019. 166-177

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Influence of land use changes on submarine groundwater discharge

Rufí-Salís, Martí; Garcia-Orellana, Jordi; Cantero, Gerard; Castillo, Jordi; Hierro, Almudena; Rieradevall, Joan; Bach, Joan

Environmental Research Communications. 30 April 2019. Volume 1. 031005

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Agronomic and Environmental Assessment of a Polyculture Rooftop Soilless Urban Home Garden in a Mediterranean City

Boneta, Anna; Rufí-Salís, Martí; Ercilla-Montserrat, Mireia; Gabarrell, Xavier; Rieradevall, Joan

Frontiers in Plant Science; Crop and Product Physiology; Innovative Growing Solutions for Plant Cultivation in the Urban Environment. 22 March 2019

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