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Food Systems in European Cities – FoodE

Aalborg University, Central European University, ETH Zürich, -university of Graz, Hertie School, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Imperial College London, Public Power Corporation, Renewables Grid Initiative, University of Piraeus Research Center, Utrecht University
WEBSITE: https://sentinel.energy
Budget: 4,898,340 €
Budget UAB: 314,448 €

The main objective of FoodE is to involve European Union local initiatives in the design, implementation and monitoring of environmentally, economically and socially sustainable City/Region Food Systems.

The outputs of FoodE will impact on job creation, promotion of local economy, strengthening the role of local communities in complying with Sustainable Development Goals, as well as identifying and strengthening relations between the different actors of the food chain. The way used by

FoodE to achieve this goals consists of the following steps:

-Assess and rank sustainability of diverse typologies of urban food systems
-Actively involve citizens in co-creating and choosing innovative Urban Food Systems
-Implement pilot innovative sustainable UFS in several EU cities
-Implement and validate a citizen-science based methodology fostering public-private partnerships in UFS
-Develop a set of policy briefs, guidelines and recommendations
-Address civil society, academy and public/private stakeholders.