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An energy future beyond climate neutrality: Comprehensive evaluations of transition pathways

Martin, Nick; Talens-Peiró, Laura; Villalba-Méndez, Gara; Nebot-Medina, Rafael; Madrid-López, Cristina

OPEN ACCESS at Applied Energy (2023) Volume 331, 120366 Many of the long-term policy decisions surrounding the sustainable energy transition rely on models that fail to consider […]

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Potential application of pre-harvest LED interlighting to improve tomato quality and storability

Appolloni, Elisa; Pennisi, Giuseppina; Paucek, Ivan; Cellini, Antonio; Crepaldi, Andrea; Spinelli, Francesco; Gianquinto, Giorgio; Gabarrell, Xavier; Orsini, Francesco

ACCESS at Postharvest Biology and Technology (2023), 195: 112113 Growing conditions and agronomical inputs play a key role in determining fruit qualitative and nutraceutical traits at harvest […]

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