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Ultra-Processed Foods and Drinks Consumption Is Associated with Psychosocial Functioning in Adolescents

Reales-Moreno, Marta; Tonini, Pietro; Escorihuela, Rosa M; Solanas, Montserrat; Fernández-Barrés, Sílvia; Romaguera, Dora; Contreras-Rodríguez, Oren

OPEN ACCESS at Nutrients (2022), 14(22), 4831 Adolescents show one of the highest rates of ultra-processed foods and drinks (UPF) consumption, and studies indicate an association […]

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Influence of social housing models in the development of urban agriculture in Mexico

Nadal, Ana; Rodríguez-Labajos, Beatriz; Cuerva, Eva; Josa, Alejandro; Rieradevall, Joan

ACCESS at Land Use Policy (2022), 122: 106391 This study examines urbanization patterns linked to social housing units and the way in which such patterns […]

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How do street trees affect urban temperatures and radiation exchange? Observations and numerical evaluation in a highly compact city

Segura, Ricard; Scott Krayenhoff, Eric; Martilli, Alberto; Badia, Alba; Estruch, Carme; Ventura, Sergi; Villalba, Gara

OPEN ACCESS at Urban Climate (2022), Volume 46, 101288 Street trees are an important driver of street microclimate through shading and transpirative cooling, which are key mechanisms […]

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Why energy models should integrate social and environmental factors: Assessing user needs, omission impacts, and real-word accuracy in the European Union

Süsser, Diana; Martin, Nick; Stavrakas, Vassilis; Gaschnig, Hannes; Talens-Peiró, Laura; Flamos, Alexandros; Madrid-López, Cristina; Lilliestam, Johan

ACCESS at Energy Research & Social Science Volume (2022) 92, 102775 Energy models are used to inform and support decisions within the transition to climate neutrality. […]

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Supplemental LED Lighting Improves Fruit Growth and Yield of Tomato Grown under the Sub-Optimal Lighting Condition of a Building Integrated Rooftop Greenhouse (i-RTG)

Appolloni, Elisa; Paucek, Ivan; Pennisi, Giuseppina; Stringari, Gaia; Gabarrell Durany, Xavier; Orsini, Francesco; Gianquinto, Giorgio

OPEN ACCESS at Horticulturae (2022), 8(9), 771 The metabolism of a building can be connected to a rooftop greenhouse, exchanging energy, water and CO2 flows, therefore reducing […]

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Exploring methods for developing local climate zones to support climate research

Siegler, Laurence; Gilabert, Joan; Villalba, Gara

OPEN ACCESS at Climate (2022), 10(7), 109 Meteorological and climate prediction models at the urban scale increasingly require more accurate and high-resolution data. The Local […]

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Decarbonizing the academic sector: Lessons from an international research project

Reyes-García, Victoria; Graf, Lorena; Junqueira, André B; Madrid, Cristina

OPEN ACCESS at Journal of Cleaner Production (2022), 368, 133174 Research activities generate considerable carbon emissions. Some universities and research centers have implemented voluntary measures to […]

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Urban greenhouse covering materials: Assessing environmental impacts and crop yields effects

Muñoz-Liesa, Joan; Cuerva, Eva; Parada, Felipe; Volk, David; Gassó-Domingo, Santiago; Josa, Alejandro; Nemecek, Thomas

OPEN ACCESS at Resources, Conservation and Recycling (2022), 186, 106527 Solar radiation transmissivity in greenhouses is a key property largely determined by covering materials. This study compared […]

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