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Incorporating user preferences in rooftop food-energy-water production through integrated sustainability assessment

Toboso-Chaver, Susana; Madrid-López, Cristina; Gabarrell Durany, Xavier; Villalba, Gara

https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/2515-7620/abffa5/meta https://ddd.uab.cat/record/247677 With the overall aim to design successful implementation strategies of food-energy-water production systems on urban roofs, we propose an integrated process that includes […]

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Optimizing irrigation in urban agriculture for tomato crops in rooftop greenhouses

Parada, Felipe; Gabarrell, Xavier; Rufí-Salís, Martí; Arcas-Pilz, Verónica; Muñoz, Pere; Villalba, Gara

https://doi.org/10.1016/j.scitotenv.2021.148689 The rise of population in urban areas makes it ever more important to promote urban agriculture (UA) that is efficient in terms of water […]

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Assessment of the food-water-energy nexus suitability of rooftops. A methodological remote sensing approach in an urban Mediterranean area

Zambrano, Perla; Muñoz-Liesa, Joan; Josa, Alejandro; Rieradevall, Joan; Alamús, Ramon; Gassó-Domingo, Santiago; Gabarrell, Xavier

https://doi.org/10.1016/j.scs.2021.103287 This work established a framework to identify and analyze the technical feasibility of roofs for integrating urban agriculture, rainwater harvesting, and photovoltaic systems using […]

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Recovered phosphorus for a more resilient urban agriculture: Assessment of the fertilizer potential of struvite in hydroponics

Arcas-Pilz, Verónica; Rufí-Salís, Martí; Parada, Felipe; Petit-Boix, Anna; Gabarrell, Xavier; Villalba, Gara

https://doi.org/10.1016/j.scitotenv.2021.149424 Urban agriculture (UA) is a means for cities to become more resilient in terms of food sovereignty while shortening the distance between production and […]

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Perceptions on barriers and opportunities for integrating urban agri-green roofs: a European Mediterranean compact city case

Zambrano, Perla; Pons-Gumí, David; Toboso-Chavero, Susana; Parada, Felipe; Josa, Alejandro; Gabarrell, Xavier; Rieradevall, Joan


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Identifying potential applications for residual biomass from urban agriculture through eco-ideation: Tomato stems from rooftop greenhouses

Manríquez-Altamirano, Ana; Sierra-Pérez, Jorge; Muñoz, Pere; Gabarrell, Xavier.

Journal of Cleaner Production, 295, 126360, 2021.

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Building-integrated agriculture: Are we shifting environmental impacts? An environmental assessment and structural improvement of urban greenhouses

Muñoz-Liesa, Joan; Toboso-Chavero, Susana, Mendoza Beltran, Angelica; Cuerva, Eva; Gallo, Esteban; Gassó-Domingo, Santiago; Josa, Alejandro

Resources, Conservation and Recycling. Volume 169. June 2021. 105526

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More than the sum of the parts: System analysis of the usability of roofs in housing estates

Toboso-Chavero, Susana; Villalba, Gara; Gabarrell, Xavier; Madrid-López, Cristina

Journal of Industrial Ecology. 7 March 2021

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Transforming rooftops into productive urban spaces in the Mediterranean. An LCA comparison of agri-urban production and photovoltaic energy generation

Corcelli, Fabiana; Fiorentino, Gabriella; Petit-Boix, Anna; Rieradevall, Joan; Gabarrell, Xavier

Resources, Conservation and Recycling. Volume 144. May 2019. 321-336

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Rainwater harvesting systems reduce detergent use

Vargas-Parra, M. Violeta; Rovira-Val, M. Rosa; Gabarrell, Xavier; Villalba, Gara

The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment. Environmental LCC. Volume 24. 16 October 2018. 809-823

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Analysis of the consumer’s perception of urban food products from a soilless system in rooftop greenhouses: a case study from the Mediterranean area of Barcelona (Spain)

Ercilla-Montserrat, Mireia; Sanjuan-Delmás, David; Sanyé-Mengual, Esther; Calver-Mir, Laura; Bandera, Karla; Rieradevall, Joan; Gabarrell, Xavier

Agriculture and Human Values. 38. 4 February 2019. 275-393

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Intelligent urban irrigation systems: Saving water and maintaining crop yields

Mason, Brooke; Rufí-Salís, Martí; Parada, Felipe; Gabarrell, Xavier; Gruden, Cyndee

Agricultural Water Management. Volume 226. 20 December 2019. 105812

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